Eicher Warranty Policy And Service Agreement

The program offers scriptural coverage throughout India with more than 300 traders from which you can benefit from services. Simple payment terms are available to opt for the program. Eicher Freedom comes with an extension service program that can be used before or after the expiration of the existing service program. Replace old engines/gearboxes using a ready-made Renew engine/gearbox. The vehicle is same day with full load capacity on the road and the service & warranty can be used in all Eicher workshops. Business owners need to focus on their business instead of taking care of servicsing their fleet. Eicher Freedom is facilitated by the offer of support and service for contract vehicles. All Renew aggregates have a warranty period of one year or 1,00,000 KM, whichever is earlier. Renew products are completely rebuilt in an environment controlled by highly skilled teams Eicher Freedom offers a simple and convenient way to maintain and repair vehicles throughout India at pre-agreed prices. This service can be used via the Freedom Service Agreement.

It takes care of the health of a vehicle by offering services such as preventive maintenance, repair of wear parts, general overhaul, service of additional parts and troubleshooting. Based on the diversity of requirements, Eicher Freedom offers four types of service programs: Eicher Freedom ensures ease by establishing a fixed price agreement for all services offered. Long-term coverage extends from one year, as well as adjustments.