Collective Bargaining Agreement Teamsters

21.1. The employer shall not assign work resulting in the dismissal of employees of the collective agreements unit. The employer will give bargaining unit members the first opportunity to volunteer for additional work opportunities before hiring other police services to augment the department`s staff. 5.1. In accordance with the certification of the Employment Public Relations Board, issued on October 3, 2011, the employer recognizes the union as an exclusive and exclusive representative of all full-time and part-time police officers of the University of Washington; see University of Washington, Decision 11185 (PSRA, 2011). This Agreement applies to workers in the bargaining unit and to the work performed by such workers. 15.1. Standard working day/regular working schedule. The standard work schedule for full-time employees consists of ten (10) hours of work over four (4) consecutive days over a period of seven (7) days.

The only exception is that the administrator must have a standard work plan of eight (8) hours of work for five (5) consecutive days over a period of seven (7) days. Changes to schedules are negotiated between the parties. 5.6. A copy of the collective agreement shall be made available to all employees of the collective unit. The employer and the union are responsible for their own reproduction costs. The union is responsible for all printed contracts of its members. 6.3. The union shall hold itself to all workers in the bargaining unit, in particular the delegates, to make a careful and serious attempt to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level. The employer shall also undertake to its supervisory staff to cooperate fully with Union representatives in order to resolve possible cases of maladministration promptly. 14.2.

Seniority list. The employer may temporarily transfer work from outside this unit to members of the bargaining unit or temporarily transfer work from the bargaining unit of that unit to the bargaining unit of the UWPMA. Temporary is defined as the reassignment of work for three (3) weeks or less due to unexpected absences or opportunities for overtime. Under no circumstances may the work of the collective unit be reassigned to the unit for more than three (3) weeks, unless mutually agreed to by the union and the employer. For the purposes of this section, it is considered unexpected for the employer to become aware of it with a delay of less than one (1) week. 6.7. All requests for information from the union on the bargaining unit are submitted in writing to the Labour Relations Office. Requests shall clearly identify the information requested and include the reason for the request. As a general rule, applications will not last more than twenty-four (24) months before the date of the application. Where the trade union makes a request for information which the employer considers unclear or inappropriate or which requires the preparation or preparation of a report, the employer shall contact the Union and the parties shall discuss the extent and costs associated with the request and the amount that the Union will pay to receive the information. . .