Legally Binding Agreement Shpock

You can sell everything on Shpock — toys, furniture, cycles, playstation games — it doesn`t matter, even if Shpock likes to think of itself as a market for anything that`s desirable. They encourage you to set a fair price and be realistic and willing to negotiate. You suggest that you are “open to offers, but not free.” So while you can make sure that people offer on your item, it shouldn`t start at 0 euros because they feel like it seems to be happy to give it away. A sale becomes legally binding if the two parties agree on the agreement: in reality, one of the parties agrees and the other confirms. It depends on the contract, but a promise to pay in the future can still be binding: that`s exactly how the bidding works – the contract is binding as soon as the hammer falls. Shpock, right? I thought I had an agreement in principle right now? And if they never show up, can I sell it? SCpock offer no support, it is just a free service, so it is up to the interaction between the two of you. If I were to send you a message that, as there was no response within a reasonable time, you would denounce the agreement. Otherwise, send a final email that gives them 24 hours to reply that they cannot be finalized, and you think the deal is over. I`ve been with shpock for years, this last week hasn`t been able to use my account properly, then received an email saying iv definitely banned for life and will no longer answer me regarding the case…

I`ve never been against political shpock by any means, having over 200 5 star reviews… Regular buyers! It`s disgusting to be treated like this! If the seller accepts your offer, you must confirm the agreement before it is binding. You can respond to the seller`s counter-offer with another counter-offer or accept his offer, so he must confirm the agreement before it is binding. Other Shpock users can view messages and submit bids to purchase. The seller can accept the offer or make a counter-offer. If the seller and potential buyer agree to a price (“purchase price”) and confirm both parties, a binding sale agreement is entered into. The buyer is required to pay the purchase price and recover it from the seller if no further delivery has been agreed. The seller is required to sell the ad as described and described. Shpock only offers the framework for users to buy and sell.

Posts for purchase and sale are not legally binding offers from Shpock and Shpock is not a contractor. The contract exists between users of the market place and the execution of these contracts is concluded through Shpock Services, but exclusively between users. Payment per PayPal is eligible in some countries. The seller must connect his PayPal account to his Shpock account. The buyer does not need to plug in his account PayPal. As soon as the buyer and seller conclude the sale/purchase of a product and enter into their PayPal sale contract, the seller pays a commission to the Shpock and a supplement to PayPal. The cost PayPal depends on creating your PayPal account (see PayPal Terms of Use).