Electric Rhyme Productions


‘Electric Rhyme Productions‘ is a company created solely to provide its clients with professional high-quality music and sounds for a wide variety of different projects such as movies, games, commercials, websites, documentaries, presentations or for any other medium that requires a more customized touch. On top of producing soundtracks we also do sound restoration and top notch mastering for your tracks while preserving the dynamics. We have 3 producers on our staff, all with succesful careers in the music industry and many years of expertise in a large variety of genres. There is a selection of our music available for licensing that can be listened to in the music section. When you have found what you are looking for, go to the contact page to e-mail us and we will give you further details. If there are no suitable tracks in the music section, one can be custom designed to serve your requirements. If you would like a customized track, please give us as much information about your project as possible so that we can more easily provide you with something more appropriate. This way you have a greater chance of getting the best final product as fast as possible. Please remember that the playlists are constantly being updated with new songs so be sure to re-visit us as often as possible.